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On the Instructions of Heath Sinclair and Richard Long, Joint Liquidators of Fernwood Boats Limited

Sale Type: Private Treaty Sale
Private Treaty Sale
A Sale by Private Treaty is a disposal, by negotiation or submission of an offer, subject to terms and conditions. Sales by this method are frequently used for the disposal of a single asset. Offers may (if indicated) be submitted via our website, or by the submission of formal documentation. The schedule and notices to purchasers for each sale will detail how and by when offers can be made.
Currency: GBP

On the Instructions of Heath Sinclair and Richard Long, Joint Liquidators of Fernwood Boats Limited

Contact: Mark Edmunds
Tel:01858 555434


Sale Details

For Sale by Private Treaty – A Package of Modern Woodworking Machinery and Ancillary Equipment


ALTENDORF ‘F90’ Panel Dimension Saw with scoring saw, spindle brake, squaring arm and guard (1988); DOMINION 16” x 9” Planer Thicknesser; WADKIN ‘LS’ Router with Frequency Changer; ROBINSON ‘NP-T’ 6” Spindle Moulder with Triple Wheel Power Feed Unit; WADKIN BURSGREEN ‘BEL’ Spindle Moulder; P & J Single Bin Dust Extraction Unit; EVENWOOD ‘ED3408’ Rip Saw Bench; COOKSLEY Pull Over Cross Cut Saw 

With 240V, 110V & Pneumatic Power tools:-

2 NUTOOL Mobile Single Bag Dust Extraction Units; 2 De WALT Benchtop Pull Down Circular Mitring Saws; REXON ‘SM16A’ Benchtop Chisel Morticer; FERM Double Ended Benchtop Grinder; EASTMAN ‘Blue Streak II’ Portable Straight Knife Cloth Cutting Machine; CHARNWOOD ‘W407’ Combination Benchtop Disc / Belt Sander; ERBAUER and BOSCH Portable Routers; BOSCH Angle Grinder; SEALEY & DELTALYO Random Orbital Sanders; RUPES Buffing Machine; De WALT & WICKES Jigsaw; DREMEL Engraver; De WALT Pad Sander; PINNACLE Benchtop Bandsaw; ENERGER Heat Gun; BOSCH & De WALT Pistol Drills; AXMINSTER Pneumatic Tacker / Pinner; ERBAUER Pneumatic Die Grinder; ATM Pneumatic Nail Gun


LIFTING GEAR Mobile ‘A’ Framed Overhead Gantry, approx. 4m wide x 3m fall, with MORRIS ‘190’ 1T Chain Hoist; INGERSOLL RAND ‘TYPE 30’ V Twin Receiver Mounted Air Compressor with OMEGA ‘AMD12/AC’ Refrigerant Air Dryer; Dryback Paint Spray Booth c. 3m x 2.5m; KEMPPI Mobile Mig Welder with Wire Feed Unit; SEALEY Diesel Electric Space Heater; GPW2500 Mobile Petrol Pressure Washer; 3 Infra Red Portable Heaters; 2 12-T & 1 10T Hydraulic Bottle Jacks; Pallet Truck


Lying near Grantham

Schedule and notice to purchasers
in respect of the following Sale By Private Treaty
Private Treaty Sales by the Joint Liquidators of Fernwood Boats Limited.
Viewing: Viewing and inspection of the goods included in this sale will take place strictly by appointment from 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday at Fernwood Boats Limited Unit 2C Sewstern Industrial Estate, Gunby Road, Sewstern, NG33 5RD.  Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd may refuse access to the viewing and inspection of the goods to anyone in its discretion without giving any reason.
Car Parking: There is limited car parking available on site
Damage: Persons attending the viewing will be held liable for any loss or damage they cause, and shall meet all costs, expenses, damages, losses and liabilities incurred in the rectification of the damage so caused, as advised by Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd.
Form of Offer: The offer must be submitted in writing to Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd, Ley Hill Road, Bovingdon, Hemel Hempstead, Herts., HP3 0NW, by email to .
Invoices will be raised in the name of the registered party and due care and attention should therefore be given at the time of submitting an offer to ensure the correct details are provided. Under no circumstances will invoices be altered following their issue.
Notification: Successful offerors will be advised by email or by telephone and/or fax.  Upon such notification, buyers will be deemed to have been advised in accordance with 6.2 of the Conditions of Sale by Private Treaty.
Conditions of Sale: All lots or items will be sold, subject to the Conditions of Sale by Private Treaty, as shown on Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd's website and those contained within this Schedule.  Offerors are strongly advised to read them carefully and to re-visit the same from time to time to acquaint themselves with any amendments/additions.
Value Added Tax: All Lots or items are sold exclusive of V.A.T. which will be added to the Buyer's sale accounts at the rate of 20% except those lots which are zero rated for VAT purposes as indicated. 
Non E.C. Buyers: VAT will be levied on all Buyers at the rate of 20%.  Upon receipt of a copy of the Bill of Lading detailing the purchases, a full description of the Goods purchased/exported (a simple description of “box/crate” is deemed insufficient) and confirming their export outside the E.C., the VAT will be refunded.  VAT will not be refunded on the buyer's premium (if charged) under any circumstances, nor where the Bill of Lading is not received within 30 days of the date of purchase. If outside the 30 day timescale, Buyers will need to liaise direct with HM Customs & Excise.
N.B. Buyers are solely responsible for obtaining export licences from the UK, and export or import licences in the countries of destination and transit, where required.
E.C. Buyers: Purchasers must advise the intention for goods to be subject to an interstate transfer within the E.C. and also ensure that their local VAT registration details are provided when they first register for the sale.  Upon receipt of documentary evidence giving conclusive proof that the interstate transfer has taken place the VAT will be refunded.  VAT will not be refunded on the buyer’s premium under any circumstances, nor where the documentary evidence of the interstate transfer taking place is not received within 30 days of the date of invoice. If outside the 30 day timescale purchasers will need to liaise direct with HMRC.
Payment & Terms: All purchases must be paid for in full in pounds sterling before collection.
Payment to be made by :
Telegraphic Transfer: Payment may be made by electronic bank transfer (Chaps, Swift, etc) please contact the office dealing with the disposal for relevant details.
In making such a payment, to aid its identification, please ensure that the remitting Bank include your paddle number, invoice number and any other references shown in the schedule and notices to purchasers/notices to a particular sale
Bankers Draft: Please note Wyles Hardy & Co. NO LONGER accept Bankers Drafts as payment for purchases.
Cash: Limited to £500 maximum transaction value, payments above this sum will not be accepted in cash.
Debit Cards: We accept the following debit cards, Switch, Delta, Electron and Connect – we do not accept Credit Card payments.  Please note that Debit Card transactions will only be accepted using Chip and Pin when presented in person by the card holder with a second form of ID.   Buyers intending to use this payment method must ensure that they hold sufficient cleared funds in their account to meet their expenditure.  Payment in full by debit card will allow Buyers to clear their purchases immediately following the purchase (including motor vehicles).  
Accounts must be settled in full before collection can commence.
Payment & Collection Terms: It is the responsibility of the Buyer to advise Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd of any special requirements, particularly any relating to export or VAT exemption.  (Please refer to the specific paragraphs in the Schedule with regard to VAT).
Non Transfer of Lots or Items: No lots or items may be transferred between Buyers. Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd will accept payment only from and permit removal of lots or items by the Buyer to whom the Lot or item is invoiced. 
Insurance of Lots Or Items: The Buyer is at risk from notified of acceptance of offers tendered and is advised to obtain immediate and adequate insurance.
Buyers of motor vehicles and/or road-going powered plant are responsible for ensuring that prior to use on the road, that in all respects the vehicle complies with all legal requirements as to the construction and the use of such a vehicle and further more for obtaining all certificates, permits and other authorisations necessary.
Removal of Goods: Clearance of purchases will take place between 9.00am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday by prior arrangement and concluded no later than 21st December 2018 at the buyers expense.
Method Statements: Certain items of plant and machinery equipment will only be permitted to be de-installed and or removed if Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd have been provided with a suitable method statement.  Equipment requiring a method statement will be annotated either with an asterisk (*) in the document(s) detailing the goods for sale / catalogue, or by specific notice.  The information required in the method statement will vary according to the type, nature and location of the equipment.  However, as a minimum, the method statement must detail the following:
What work is going to be carried out ?
How is the work going to be carried out ?
Who is going to do the work and their competence(s) to do that work ?
When is the work going to be carried out ?
If any independent contracts (including hauliers) are to be used, who are they and confirmation of their competence(s) will be required.  If any machinery or lifting equipment is to be utilised, certificates of safety and or conformity must be provided.  If any “hot working” is to be carried out, this must be specified together with details of the safety measure that will be put in place.  Copies of public and employee liability insurance certificates must be provided.  Method statements must be provided, at least 2 working days prior to the work being scheduled to commence.  Method statements must be approved by Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd prior to the work commencing, submission does not gain automatic approval.
Smoking: Is not permitted at the premises where the goods are available for inspection.
Provision of Services Information: Wyles Hardy & Co. Ltd’s (whose trading style is Wyles Hardy & Co) principal place of business is Ley Hill Road, Bovingdon, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP3 0NW, Great Britain.
Registered in England No. 2598566, Registered Office: 9 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4DJ, Great Britain.  VAT Registration Number: GB579 1851 94.
Please note Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd issue self billing invoices only. 
Wyles Hardy & Co. Ltd operate a complaints handling procedure which is in compliance with the requirements of the RICS.
Professional indemnity insurance is provided by Markel (UK) Limited, Verity House, 6 Canal Wharf, Leeds, LS11 5AS.
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