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Know what an Online Tender Sale is?

This disposal method allows offers to be submitted via the internet and is a formal sales process. This is not an online auction where the bidding is revealed to the prospective purchasers, here the bids are discreet, known only to the offeror and ourselves. Bids are made subject to pre advised terms and conditions of sale.

Make a bid?

From the equipment sales page select the sale you are interested in by clicking on the view details button. Where a green bid online icon is shown you will be able to make an offer via the Web.

Where only one item is the subject of the tender, the sale announcement page provides all the information regarding the item for sale, photographs and other information, including conditions of sale etc. To make a bid click on the place bid button on the top right hand corner of the page.

Where the tender sale has a number of different lots, a view sales catalogue button appears at the bottom of the page taking you to the Sales Catalogue from which you can place bids individually on a lot by lot basis.

If you have already registered as a site user and logged in, you will be able to place an offer from the enter bid screen which will seek confirmation that you have read and agreed to abide by all terms and conditions relating to this sale. If you have not registered as a site user or logged in you will be prompted to do so. Bids cannot be made unless you are both registered and logged in.

Having made your bid you will be further requested to confirm your offer. On confirmation, a screen will be displayed detailing the bid made and an email sent to your registered email address. In the case of a multiple lot tender, confirmation of each bid made will be provided.


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