Acquisition Opportunity – Rosemary Water Ltd

Sale Type: Business Sale
End date: 30/11/2022

Contact: Clare Lloyd – Evelyn Partners
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Rosemary Water Ltd (in administration) T/A No1 Botanicals


No1 Botanicals is the world’s first brand to produce a drink with only two ingredients. The ingredients include pure fresh extract and spring water. The founders, David and Bonita Spencer-Percival discovered that in the Italian port town of Acciaroli more than one in ten residents live to over 100, but with zero cases of Alzheimer’s, zero Glaucoma and very low cases of Cancer.


A team of scientists from Rome’s La Sapienza University and the University of California’s San Diego School of Medicine identified Rosemary as the key ingredient added profusely to their otherwise typical Mediterranean diet. This was reported in several high-profile media publications including the BBC, the Telegraph & the New York Times. The founders, read this story and set out on a mission to capture the herb’s goodness. They created No1 Rosemary Water – the world’s first drink containing pure rosemary extract and spring water – and the adventure into the world of herbs began.


No1 Botanicals now produces a range of other botanical drinks with pure fresh chopped herb extract concentrating all the essential properties found in the plant. Each drink contains all the active herbal compounds and are authenticated by the scientists (Professor Monique Simmonds, OBE – Director of Science) at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


There are 5 varieties – Rosemary, Fennel, Lemon Verbena, Ginger and Ashwagandha. Sources say that Ashwagandha is also being trialled for long Covid symptoms all presented in a stylish white bottle and 3 varieties in a 250ml Slimline can (labelled with recyclable materials). The business also has an extensive portfolio of new product development waiting in the wings including Hemp Seed with 10 milligram CBD and Cola Nut (a natural source of caffeine and stimulant used in West African tribal rituals). We have also tried Ashitaba which was a legendary drink of the samurai.


The world is now looking for a clean drink that is truly healthy and that can be part of their journey to a healthier lifestyle. There are no sugars, no additives and nothing artificial in the No1 Botanicals range and we are completely recyclable and completely vegan. The brand plays to the macro consumer trends of health, wellness, no alcohol & sustainability. It is a category which continues to grow worldwide. Functional drinks are the fastest growing (source: PepsiCo) category globally.


Hollywood superstar Henry Cavill (Superman, Man from Uncle, Mission Impossible, The Witcher and Enola Holmes) was so impressed with No1 Botanicals that in 2018 he became a Brand Partner and major shareholder. In 2019 Henry and the business’ founders, David & Bonita Spencer-Percival visited Acciaroli on a Journey of Discovery captured in a beautiful film. It has been viewed 4 million times. It also featured on Henry Cavill’s Instagram page, which has 22 million followers and has just been announced to play the role of Superman, again in the new film coming out shortly.

For latest promotional video (Can Launch) –


To date the business has stocked the brand in the USA speciality stores in California and on Amazon (nationally. In the UK it is distributed in Ocado and Waitrose and a number of independent outlets. The business also sells directly to consumers through its own website. Global interest continues to grow with customers requesting for products in Japan, China, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, South America, Australia, Canada and all of Europe. It has been extremely successful in the fashion industry, with celebrities like Victoria Beckham, (who has posted on Instagram) Stella Mccartney, Edward Enninful (Editor of Vogue) who also has a personal stock within the office.


Clinical trials were completed and published by Dr Mark Moss of Northumbria University proving that the No.1 Botanicals Rosemary 60ml Daily Shot increases memory function by 15% just 15mins after consuming. This was peer reviewed and therefore is now science.


Note: We were in advanced talks / DD with PepsiCo for a minority stake purchase pre-Covid. Details available under NDA.


Offers are to be made in writing and submitted to Clare Lloyd or Sam Jackson of Evelyn Partners by 5pm Wednesday 30th November 2022


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