Purpose: Administration

Task: Asset Realisation

Sector: Online Retail

Location: Home Counties

Begbies Traynor

Retained by the Administrators to uplift, store and realise the stock in trade of this well regarded online shoe and accessory retailer. Recognising that the company’s website and the associated current customer base would provide the best route to market, although the exercise would be subject to the distance selling regulations, we took control of the website and ran a direct HTML marketing campaign to the customers. The stock was sorted and held in our own warehouse facility from which we fulfilled orders and handled returns etc. By directly engaging with end users, who needed no further introduction to the brand we were able to deliver substantially enhanced realisations.

We are constantly striving to maximise our clients position when realising stock in trade. We actively utilise all modes of communication including social media to reach out to potential markets and with our own warehouse facilities can accommodate all types of assets. We undertake ROT management including identification and return either on site or from our own facilities.

We have employed similar techniques in the realisation of assets for

  • Caterham Sports Limited – via a crowd funding exercise we identified and fulfilled in excess 5000 items from wheel nuts to entire nose cones.
  • Camera Box Limited – recovered stock, managed “Grey Import” issues, including evidenced destruction and realised the remaining stock by Online Auction.