Purpose: Professional Opinion

Task: Valuation for Refinance

Location: UK

Appointed by a fund management company specialising in the UK Renewables Energy market, Iona Capital Limited, Wyles Hardy provided a team of valuers in the Autumn of 2020 to appraise 2 Wood Chip Biomass CHP (Combined Heat and Power) power plants in North Wales, an anaerobic digestion CHP power plant in Yorkshire which uses food and cooking oil wastes as the feedstock, as well as 2 anaerobic digestion CHP power plants which use farm slurry, chicken manure, dairy waste and silage as feedstocks.

The total of just under 24 MW/hr CHP energy is the combined output from these 5 plants. This series of valuations was to assist Iona Capital in refinance appraisal for these turnkey installations.

Colm Walls, the Finance Director of Iona Capital, comments “We were very happy with the work Wyles Hardy performed for us, and the professionalism they displayed in all of their dealings with us”.