For Sale by Private Treaty – DANSTOKER ‘Multimiser 3-track 17’ Wood Biomass Boiler

Sale Type: Private Treaty Sale
Currency: GBP
Date posted: 17th April 2024
End date: TBA

On Behalf of the Joint Liquidators

Contact: Mark Edmunds

T. 01858 555 434


On behalf of N.H. Sinclair and C.P. Bartlett, Joint Liquidators of CLT Timber & Transport Ltd / Watford Timber



DANSTOKER ‘Multimiser 3-track 17’ Wood Biomass Boiler

An opportunity to earn c. £150,000 p.a. from a RHI.


DANSTOKER ‘Multimiser 3-track 17’ Wood Biomass Boiler (installed new in 2016, currently dismantled)

Maximum heat output: 980 kW/hr / 3,343,900 BTU/hr with ancillaries including:-

  • 1: 52T and 1: 40T woodchip capacity Silos
  • 1: Coolers & Condensers 6-Fan Water Chilling Unit (Summer Heat Dissipator)

RHI Accreditation paperwork.

Located at 2 sites in Northants. Viewings are possible – please see the SCHEDULE AND NOTICES TO PURCHASERS tab for details.


Offers can be submitted by email to

For further details contact Mark Edmunds on 01858  555 434 or via

Schedule and Notice to Purchasers

On behalf of N.H. Sinclair and C.P. Bartlett, Joint Liquidators of CLT Timber & Transport Ltd / Watford Timber

Viewing: An appointment for viewing and inspection of the assets included in this sale can be made by contacting or on 01858 555434 from 0930hrs to 1630hrs during weekdays. The assets are at 2 locations – near to Daventry and in Northampton.  Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd may refuse access to the viewing and inspection of the goods to anyone in its discretion without giving any reason.

Car Parking: There is limited parking outside of the 2 premises. Please park having regard for other road users.

Damage: Persons attending the viewing will be held liable for any loss or damage they cause, and shall meet all costs, expenses, damages, losses and liabilities incurred in the rectification of the damage so caused, as advised by Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd.

Acceptance of Final Bid: IMPORTANT NOTE – Acceptance of all final bids is subject to prior approval by our client. Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd reserve the right to reject any bids which they feel are insufficient.

Invoicing: Invoices will be raised in the name of the registered party and due care and attention should therefore be given at the time of submitting an offer to ensure the correct details are provided. Under no circumstances will invoices be altered following their issue.

Notification: Successful offerors will be advised by email or by telephone. Upon such notification, buyers will be deemed to have been advised in accordance with 6.2 of the Conditions of Sale by Private Treaty.

Conditions of Sale: The assets will be sold as a single Lot, subject to the Conditions of Sale by Private Treaty, as shown on Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd’s website and those contained within this Schedule. Offerors are strongly advised to read them carefully and to re-visit the same from time to time to acquaint themselves with any amendments/additions.

Value Added Tax (VAT): The Lot is sold exclusive of V.A.T. which will be added to the Buyer’s sale accounts at the rate of 20%.

Overseas Purchasers
On notification of the acceptance of an offer overseas purchasers must advise if the vehicle is intended for export and the destination of same and provide the following information / documents:

copy of their passport and another document confirming the identity;
details of their bankers and their UK corresponding bank;
details of their shipping agents and their UK representatives.

Non E.C. Purchasers must advise the intention to export their purchases on offer acceptance. VAT will be levied on all purchasers at the rate of 20%. Upon receipt of a copy of the Bill of Lading detailing the purchases, a full description of the goods purchased/exported (a simple description of “box/crate” is deemed insufficient) and confirming their export outside the E.C., the VAT will be refunded. VAT will not be refunded where the Bill of Lading is not received within 30 days of the date of invoice. If outside the 30 day timescale purchasers will need to liaise direct with HMRC.

E.C. Purchasers: Purchasers must advise the intention for goods to be subject to an interstate transfer within the E.C. and also ensure that their local VAT registration details are provided when they first register for the sale. Upon receipt of documentary evidence giving conclusive proof that the interstate transfer has taken place the VAT will be refunded. VAT will not be refunded where the documentary evidence of the interstate transfer taking place is not received within 30 days of the date of invoice. If outside the 30 day timescale purchasers will need to liaise direct with HMRC.

N.B. Purchasers are solely responsible for obtaining export licences, where required.

Payment Terms: All purchases are to be paid in full, no later than 48 hours from the acceptance of the offer submitted by the purchaser.

Payment to be made by :

Account Name: Wyles Hardy & Co Clients Account
Account No: 48914576
Bank: NatWest Bank, Harrow & Watford Branch
Sort Code: 60-00-08

Bankers Draft: Please note Wyles Hardy & Co. NO LONGER accept Bankers Drafts as payment for purchases.

All queries regarding payment should be directed to our, quoting AJ1021.

Insurance of Lots: The buyer is at risk once the buyer is notified of his successful purchases and is strongly advised to effect insurance at once, irrespective of whether title has passed. Title does not pass to the purchaser until payment has been received in full.

Clearance of Purchases: All lots must be removed by appointment between 10am and 4pm on weekdays only from the 2 sites in Northamptonshire at the buyer’s expense. The premises will be open from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd do not undertake packaging, postage, delivery or shipment of goods and the bidder must make his own arrangements to comply with the clearance terms. Clearance of all lots must be undertaken in accordance with Health & Safety at Work Regulations and, where necessary, Construction Design and Management Regulations 1994. The purchaser should ensure that their contractors hold sufficient public liability insurance, copies of which should be made available to Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd if demanded.

Transfer of Lots: Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd will only accept payment from and permit removal of lots purchased by the successful purchaser or their duly appointed agent.

Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd reserve the right to refuse to accept the bid of any bidder should they be unable to satisfy Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd on any of the above.

Provision of Services Information: Wyles Hardy & Co. Limited’s (whose trading style is Wyles Hardy & Co) principal place of business is Ley Hill Road, Bovingdon, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP3 0NW, Great Britain.

Registered in England No. 2598566, Registered Office: 9 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4DJ, Great Britain. VAT Registration Number: GB579 1851 94.

Please note Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd issue self-billing invoices only.

Wyles Hardy & Co. Ltd operate a complaints handling procedure which is in compliance with the requirements of the RICS.

Professional indemnity insurance is provided by Aegis E&O Consortium 4605 and 1414 at Lloyd’s, Under Binding Contract No: B1309LM2117536537, Square Mile Underwriting, 6 Lloyd’s Avenue, London, EC3N 3AX.