Transport/Collection of Purchased Items

We endeavour to effect clearance of all purchases, on the assumption that full settlement of all applicable invoices has been made, at the earliest opportunity.

Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd do not :-

  • Pack or ship items – this is the responsibility of the purchaser who, unless otherwise stated, will
  • Liaise with Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd to agree a time for collection.
  • Disconnect or dismantle purchases on the purchasers behalf.
  • Remove purchases from the location as defined in the notice/schedule to the sale.
  • Effect removal by the date specified in the notice/schedule to the sale.
  • Transport to new location.

Removal may be effected by the purchasers themselves, but if instructing a third party we will require the purchasers to provide full details of the third party along with an authority to release.

The purchaser/contracted third party will be requested to sign a copy of the purchase invoice as proof of receipt.

Arranging Third Party Removals
Whilst we are able to recommend independent contractors we suggest that you choose your own by referring to any local business directory or Yellow Pages.

In instances where purchases are bulky or difficult to move contractors will undoubtedly wish to view prior to providing a quote. This will also enable them to advise on the best form of transport and any specialised packing that may be required.

Post removal
As stated in the Terms and Conditions all purchases become the sole responsibility and are at the risk of the purchaser from the fall of the hammer. It is for the purchaser to arrange adequate insurance cover from this point.

At the point of removal the purchaser/contracted third party should ensure that the items being removed are those that were bid for and purchased.

Once removed Wyles Hardy & Co Ltd’s involvement is at an end. Any claims, i.e. non arrival, should be pursued against the contracted third party.

It is important to remember that, as is stated in the Terms and Conditions, all goods are sold as they lie with all faults. No refunds or credits will be made after collection has been effected.