Purpose: Administration

Sector: Classic & Prestige Motor Vehicles

Location: UK: London

Instructed to assist in the valuation and marketing of this well known Automobile Auction House. The first task was to determine title to circa fifty-five motor vehicles off site and in excess of a further twenty-five vehicles within the showroom, which were held on trust.

The majority of the vehicles were held on consignment, however as is the case with many classic motor vehicles, proving title was not particularly straight forward. After a lengthy legal process, title to the vehicles was determined and supervised collection by the owners was permitted.

A successful marketing process was also conducted enabling the sale of the branding and intellectual property rights associated with the business.

Wyles Hardy & Co have gained a reputation in the field of prestige and classic motor vehicles and have been in a number of interesting cases including:

  • Bristol Cars Limited
  • Bentley Old No 1
  • Caterham Sports Ltd
  • MG Sports & Racing Ltd